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Each semester, from ten to fifteen honors courses and special seminars are offered. These change from year to year, providing a variety of course selection.

Speech with students


Upcoming Honors Courses (Fall 2014)

      • Biomedical Ethics
      • Calculus A Honors
      • Creating and Contesting Sacred Spaces
      • Feminist Visual Culture
      • General Chemistry I Honors
      • 1989: Global Struggles for Justice
      • Icons of Islamic Architecture
      • Issues in Philosophy
      • Principles of Macroeconomics
      • Romanticism
      • Visual Sociology: Visualizing Economic (In)Justice

Current Honors Courses (J-Term)

      • An Odyssey in Ancient Greece

Previous Honors Courses (Spring 2014)

      • American English
      • Brains, Minds, Zombies and Machines
      • Creating and Contesting Sacred Spaces
      • General Chemistry II Honors
      • Issues in Philosophy
      • Modernity and Modernism: French Painting in the Nineteenth Century
      • Nomads, Warriors, Poets
      • Principles of Macroeconomics
      • Studies in Literature: Satire: Twain & Vonnegut
      • Transnational Feminisms

Previous Honors Courses (Fall 2013)

      • Aesthetics
      • Art Amongst War: Visual Culture in Afghanistan
      • General Chemistry I
      • Islam in Comparative Perspective
      • Issues in Philosophy
      • Principles of Microeconomics
      • Utopias

PREVIOUS Honors Courses (Spring 2013)

      • American Cities and Suburbs
      • Artistic Reincarnation
      • Cities and Sanctuaries of the Ancient World
      • Environmental Ethics
      • General Chemistry II
      • Issues in Philosophy
      • Philosophy of Religion
      • Photography in India
      • Principles of Macroeconomics
      • The Natural History of the Galapagos Islands and Equador I

Honors First Seminars

    • Genetics in the Post-Genomics Era: Or do these genes make my butt look big?
    • Harlem Renaissance: “Black Paris”
    • Morality, God, and Free Will
    • Social Justice and the Documentary
    • Springsteen’s Lyrics as Literature
    • The Art and Science of Color!
    • The Simple Life